Real life is not the movies or video games.

In the movies, bad guys miss a lot. Shooting guns in videos games is not even close to the real thing. Whether you want to learn to shoot for personal protection, or just to have fun, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer classes for beginners, as well as concealed carry.

 What we DO:

  • We teach safety and responsibility.
  • We teach all skill levels, including if you have never held a gun before.
  • We teach safe and proper gun handling in a comfortable and fun environment.
  • We build fundamental skills and instill confidence in people of all experience levels, even those that have never touched a gun before.
  • We can train you to use the gun you have.
  • We promote the 2nd Amendment.

What we DON’T:

  • Intimidate and yell
  • Discriminate